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RN Cheat Sheet

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If youre a nurse (RN or LPN), student nurse, nursing assistant, medical assistant or someone thinking about nursing school then this app is a must download!!! With RN Cheat Sheet, you can review for your upcoming exam, the NCLEX or the HESI. Check your med math calculations easily with the drip calculator. Not sure what your patient lab values mean? No need to worry, click the lab values section to find out the normal ranges, possible causes for abnormalities, and the color of the test tube for collecting blood.
Key Features: *Drip Calculator *CPR (adult, infant, child)*Lab Values (blood gases, CBC, electrolytes, WBC with differential, lipoproteins and triglycerides, etc).*Metrology (Med Math) Conversions *Med Surg Procedures (blood pressure, blood transfusion, catherize male & female bladder, intradermal, intramuscular, and subcutaneous injections, sterile gloving, tracheostomy care, patient transfer)*Infection Control (standard, contact, droplet, and airborne precautions)*Abbreviations
"This is perfect if you need a quick reference in the hospital or out in the field" -Alicia F., Telemetry RN
"WOW this is an awesome study tool for all nursing students"- Gloria A., senior nursing student
What a great idea! I have to share this with my students and co-workers. -Tina K, Nurse Educator
***Best App for calculating flow rate and drip rate!!***
Guess what? You dont have to be in nursing to use this app. Theres lots of useful information that could come in handy at anytime.